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The Otremba Ranch, with its many facilities, is located in the heart of the Aller-Leine-Tal (Aller-Leine valley), north of Hannover. It’s there that the modern,
quality stabling with acres of turnout and grazing, not forgetting the well-maintained training areas all adds up to a premium facility for any horseowner; no matter the discipline or ability.

Martin Otremba is the man who’s behind the success of this friendly club. And his success at home also extends to the Show ring as his more recent successes here in Europe have been as European Champion in the ‘Amateur Horsemanship All Ages’ category and runner-up in ‘Amateur Senior Trail’.

Martin Otremba

As a full-time horse trainer and mentor, Martin has worked and studied under many Western professionals in the USA. But his passion for Western riding was first sparked at a relatively late age of 22yrs. While travelling round America, he experienced a trail ride on a Quarterhorse...before he knew it...Martin was ‘hooked’ and continued the adventure with horses on his return to Germany. Soon he was taking part in competitions; next he imported his first Quarter horse from the USA and then furthered his training with professionals in Western riding in the US and Classical dressage or English style here in Germany. 
“My clients used to ask me about the difference in styles. So for me, to study the Classic ‘English’ style, alongside ‘Western’ riding, really helped me develop my knowledge and understanding and in turn help others”.

More than twenty years later, Martin can look back on an impressive tournament record; a multitude of wins across Germany, many with his home-bred young horses.

Merrit and Martin Otremba

Martin lives with wife Merrit (Level-B trainer), her daughter Manon and their son Mika.   It’s thanks to his family support that Martin made his transition from Medical Doctor to full-time Horseman back in 2007!  

An indoor riding arena and stable complex was built to meet the training requirements; both were rewarded with a Five Star grade by the FN (German Federation). And it’s there that specialist programmes and workshops have been hosted to further knowledge and understanding of the horse. “The motto ‘A stable by horsemen for horsemen’ is working perfectly” says Martin. 
As a certified trainer, he not only manages his own Ranch but also finds the time to run clinics and lessons in Germany and the UK.
But Martins really passion is with young horses and has proved his ability professionally in the Show ring and with horses he produces. “I want to teach the horse to understand and respect his rider. It’s a process that’s simple for the horse and rider to understand and deliver”.

Martin Otremba and Good Impulses

Martin Otremba is a Professional Horseman of the AQHA and has the German qualification in Western Riding. If you are interested in Western riding, contact the ranch...you’ll be most welcome!

Merrit Otremba and Rascals Satin Asset

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