We offer ‘Species-appropriate’ horse keeping, in accordance with the latest standards. Each stable has automated feed dispensers programmed to individual needs of each equine. Food is delivered throughout the day allowing the feed to be digested properly and the atmosphere in the stable remains quiet and relaxed. This method of feeding ‘little and often’ can allieviate bad habits such as crib biting or weaving and keep boredom at bay. Every stable has an a-joining paddock and an automatic fresh water trough that functions even in the coldest of weathers! And the stable floor has under-floor drainage that ensures dry, warm beds and of course, comfortable horses. And to add to our facilities, we have a horse walker, a warm water wash-down area and a solarium. Nearby turn-out areas and grazing all are well maintained and managed with automatic water troughs.

But the centre piece of the Ranch is the light and airy indoor riding arena. 
Built to the latest standards, this wider than usual hall, has a base perfect for sliding stops!   It’s also well equipped for Western Trail practise with obstacles such as the gate, bridge and numerous poles and cones to utilise too.

And if riding inside isn’t for you...there’s kilometres of fields, tracks and wooded areas to experience right on the Ranch doorstep!

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